5 Easy Tips on How to Stay Grounded When the World Feels Unstable

We’re all living through a peculiar time; one that’s testing our mental resilience and emotional toughness in so many ways. We’re being forced to look at ourselves in a metaphorical mirror and sit with what we see. Some of us aren’t used to that, and finding ourselves confined to solitude or even just having significantly more time to reflect on our own internal states can be extremely triggering.

The consumer driven capitalist world has taught us how to distract ourselves from ourselves, but what that has done is kept us busy instead of grounded. As our physical lives have now slowed down dramatically, we’re learning not how to be busy but rather how to truly engage and that is the real secret behind staying grounded during unfamiliar circumstances creating unstable surroundings.

Check out below my 5 easy tips to help you stay engaged, proactive and grounded during times of uncertainty:

1. Maintain a daily self-care practice.

This can include yoga, meditation, having a superfood smoothie, dancing for 10 minutes to activate your body, a morning facial cleanse, stretching for 10 minutes or any other positive mind/body activity. These practices help you to enhance your self-awareness; observing the relationship between your spiritual being and physical existence. By becoming more mindful, you enable greater connectivity to everything around you alongside improved emotion-regulation. By actively working on yourself you maintain the empowering feeling that comes with acknowledging your continued growth.

2. Eat well.

Nourishing your body and mind with good and healthy food helps improve your mood, give you more energy and think more clearly. Preparing food from scratch also allows you to put love and intention into your meals giving them a positive energetic charge. Set your space and sing or speak lovingly throughout the cooking process to infuse your spirit, purity and intention originating from soul, transitioning to food then back to physical self.

3. Drink lots of water.

Herbal teas are also great. Up to 60% of the adult human body is water, so it’s super important to drink lots of fluids (3 litres per day for the average man and 2.2 litres per day for the average woman) to keep everything working to its highest function. Good hydration helps us do many things including regulating our body temperature, creating saliva and digesting food. When our bodies are working efficiently, we feel more energised, less down and generally more equipped to tackle problems that happen to us or around us.

4. Set your intention(s) for the day.

Setting yourself a purpose and feeling fulfilled at the end of your day keeps you motivated through small accomplishments. These intentions can be anything from doing the food shopping to going for a long nature walk. Setting small, realistic tasks like washing your hair or even simply deciding to spend some of your day resting helps you to tackle your everyday with more conscious thought. As written about by Psychology Today, turning your wider goals into healthy habits comes down to implementing consistency. Regular small intentions help you to stay on your path to making progress and successfully turn your broader targets into part of maintaining your everyday balance through intentional practice.

5. Share something you are grateful for.

Taking some time to recognise your privileges, blessings and lessons help you to remain honest with yourself and connected to your reality in a healthy manner. Gratitude also goes hand in hand with humility and according to Harvard University, is strongly associated with greater happiness. Journaling one thing you are grateful for each day helps you to feel fulfilled as you make time to recognise the things that are best serving you, inspiring you and truly nourishing you.

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