hannah's happiness project


The way to pioneer positive social change is to inspire it

Dictating what people should or shouldn’t do often creates distance and defensiveness. Inspiration provides a catalyst that empowers individuals to believe in themselves and evolve their own values; this is how to create long-lasting significant change.

Pay forward your privileges

It is not our fault for being born with socio-economic or physiological advantages as that is not something we have control over but we can control what we do with our privileges. Sharing what we are blessed enough to have received, encountered and learned can only lead to greater understanding, mutual respect, social nourishment and positive individual and communal evolution

Everyone deserves the right to equal opportunity

We are all a product of our environments and experiences – some of us are more fortunate than others with the opportunities we have been blessed to have received but that does not mean we are more deserving. Proactively challenging social conditioning to abolish inequality is a crucial element for building a peaceful international community

Be kind to every kind and show respect for all life

By applying conscious thought into all of our actions we can minimise the harm we cause to ourselves and all beings to the best of our ability. This allows us to live in synchronicity – peacefully and mindfully

Live in harmony with nature 

Engage and learn with our Mother Gaia; she has everything to teach us, all we need to nourish us and infinite creations to amaze us. Protect her, love her and take just what you need

Practice the active sharing of positive thoughts

Why are we socially programmed to oppress our complimentary thoughts yet we tend to be comfortable to criticise others and ourselves? A genuine compliment from a stranger or even a friend can make someone’s day…Flooding the world with all our innate kindness can only make the world better. When a positive thought crosses our minds, we should always share it

Approach without judgement or expectations

Kindness attracts kindness and peace attracts peace; by opening our hearts to give love freely with no expectations, it is all we will naturally receive. Although some people do bad things, it is important to understand why. When we apply compassion to every person and standpoint we can begin to understand that they are a product of their backgrounds and experiences. Where there are differences there are opportunities to learn, share, inspire and grow together

It’s better to be tired from doing something than tired from doing nothing

Life is exhausting – physically and mentally. When we tune into our bodies and engage constructively, we feel satisfied with ourselves. The key is not to avoid feeling tired but to use your time doing things that are worth being tired for