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I have no doubt that after watching and reading all of the below information that most people would feel inclined to find out more or at the very least try to make some small positive changes or even go vegan overnight.

I understand it can be difficult to imagine your life without animal products after being indoctrinated into thinking we need them for so long, so luckily there are tools like Challenge 22 to help you get started!

Challenge 22 is an amazing free programme which gives you direct support from mentors and professional nutritionists and dieticians, a group of people to get started on your vegan journey with and lots of tips, recipes and advice online to help you transition smoothly to a cruelty free, plant based lifestyle.

It’s known to take 21 days to kick a habit so complete this challenge and you’ll be vegan for life!

For your health, for our planet and for the animals… take the challenge, go vegan!



You can also watch Cowspiracy (the original version) on Netflix by clicking here.