hannah's happiness project

A young woman’s unsupported solo cycle from Hanoi to London.

About Me

Hey! Thanks for visiting my page and taking the time to read about what I’m trying to achieve with my exciting project…it means more to me than you could know. Without boring you with my life story, I am (probably) the happiest person you could meet and I want to dedicate my life to showing others how to feel it, too. I am currently cycling from Hanoi, Vietnam to London, England in hope of raising £50,000 for my four incredible charities: Crisis, Friends of the Earth, MSF (Doctors Without Borders) and War Child UK

Hannah’s Happiness Project is more than just a fundraising cycle, it is a journey across two continents aiming to add value to local people and places and spread happiness, love, laughter and positivity throughout our wonderful planet. 

I would also love for my project to inspire and empower young people, especially young women, to challenge the status quo and follow their dreams no matter how big they may seem. Western society’s lifestyle expectations can be a leading contributing factor to anxiety and depression in young adults and as a young woman myself, I face all of the very real pressures and social standards that are set for us which caused me to hate who I was for a large part of my childhood. I want to show girls that self love is so important and that who you are, what you do and how you treat people are all far more important than how you look or how you are perceived. We are the bosses of our own futures so let’s make them INSPIRING and AMAZING! 

AND I’m proving it can all be done whilst maintaining a vegan diet – if I can cross 25 countries, 2 continents and some of the most inhospitable locations (for vegans) on the planet, then anyone else can do it, too!

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you somewhere!

BIG love and peace out! 

Fun Facts

  • Age: 24
  • Favourite Colour: Turquoise
  • Life Motto: Live to be inspired and to inspire others
  • Chosen Superpower: Ability to speak every language fluently
  • Fun Fact: I have 6 brothers and 1 sister

Life Goals

  • Complete an intercontinental cycle 
  • Summit Everest 
  • Travel to every country 
  • Complete an arctic conservation expedition 
  • Open my own homeless shelter


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