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About Me

Hey! Thanks for visiting my page and taking the time to read about my project! Below is a little insight into what inspired my journey and what I’m trying to achieve.

The Back Story

Coming from a background of depression in my childhood, I want my journey to make people to realise that life is about challenging the status quo and that discovering your true self is your path to happiness.

Western society’s lifestyle expectations can be a leading contributing factor to anxiety and depression in young adults and as a young woman myself, I face all of the very real pressures and social standards that are set for us which caused me to hate who I was for a large part of my childhood. I want to show girls that self love is so important and that who you are, what you do and how you treat people are all far more important than how you look or how you are perceived. We are the bosses of our own futures so let’s make them INSPIRING and AMAZING! 

I decided that I had to do something extreme to raise as much awareness about important issues as possible. Living in Vietnam, I was originally inspired by electric bikes and the idea of sustainable, economical and ecological transport. But the more I thought about it, the more I felt an e-bike would kind of be cheating so I chose good ‘ole regular cycling instead! Cycling was not something I did frequently, in fact, I hadn’t owned a bike since I was about ten years old but that just spurred me on because if I could do this, it would prove anyone could do anything!

The Journey

So now I am cycling from Hanoi, Vietnam to London, England in hope of raising £50,000 for my four incredible charities: Crisis, Friends of the Earth, MSF (Doctors Without Borders) and War Child UK

The purpose of my mission is not solely to raise money for charity but to inspire and drive an international happiness movement; encouraging others to respect themselves, each other and our planet. 

By completing this journey I am demonstrating that anyone can achieve their dreams, live outside their comfort zone and challenge societal expectations. I aim to empower young women by travelling solo through remote and notoriously challenging regions; thoroughly documenting my journey and raising key topics in discussion groups along the way. 

AND I’m proving it can all be done whilst maintaining a vegan diet and zero waste lifestyle.

Why am I a happiness activist?

Simply because I believe the best and most powerful strength an individual can possess is the ability to make someone smile. There are many problems in the world and lots of people fighting for them whether they are animal rights, human rights, raising awareness about climate change or anything else… But we have to start asking WHY these things are issues in the first place. To me it’s clear; we make emotional, selfish and more volatile decisions when we feel distressed or incomplete within ourselves. It’s my philosophy that through altering the world’s perspective and by helping people become truly content, kinder, more compassionate decisions and actions will inevitably follow. 

It’s time to stop fighting and start smiling – #JoinTheHappinessMovement

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you somewhere!

BIG love and peace out! 

Fun Facts

  • Age: 25
  • Favourite Colour: Turquoise
  • Life Motto: Live to be inspired and to inspire others
  • Chosen Superpower: Ability to speak every language fluently
  • Fun Fact: I have 6 brothers and 1 sister

Life Goals

  • Complete an intercontinental cycle 
  • Travel to every country 
  • Complete an arctic conservation expedition 
  • Open my own homeless shelter


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