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5 Simple Steps

Sometimes life gets overwhelming, daunting and even depressing. It can be difficult to navigate around all the obstacles that seem to get in our ways of progress. I base my learning and personal development around these 5 Simple Steps.

It’s a structure I’ve designed which helps you to process and progress through all that you do whether that’s on a micro everyday level or to help drive forward your next big idea or mission.

Simple, easy to understand and when followed, guaranteed to help you achieve your dreams. Use these steps as a tool to aid you in breaking through your next mental barrier or blockage.

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1. Introspection / Reflection

What are the stems of your behaviours? Why have you made the decisions you have? What are your triggers? What are your motivations? How did you arrive at where you are today?

2. Observation

Ask the same questions about others to understand our human differences. Why do people behave differently from you? Are those differences wrong? What can you learn from them? How does the world flow around you? Can you notice the synchronicity? Can you notice the blockages?

3. Inspiration

From looking at yourself, others and environment, what have you taken from that information? Have you learned anything new? Can you apply that knowledge to your own life and practices?

4. Intention

Knowledge is not power, applied knowledge is power. In order to make progress we have to make steps to develop. By taking in and acknowledging what is, you enable yourself to see what could be. Use this drive to set an intention for personal progress.

5. Action

It’s time to follow through. When you ACT on your intention, that’s when progress will truly happen.